The PinkyBlue theme is a real eyecatcher and designed for rebels and reality deniers. It is the theme for explorers and people who love adventures.

Premium Ableton Live 10 Theme Download Button
Premium Ableton Live 10 Theme Download Button


What operating systems are our themes compatible with?


  • Mac and Windows.


How can I install the themes?


  1. Download and unzip the file.
  2. Take the .ask file and drag and drop it in this folder: Ableton Live 10 (this folder name may vary) > Ressources > Themes
  3. Now open Ableton go into the preferences tab > Look Feel > Color Scheme > choose your brand new modern looking LVMG ONE theme. :)


What payment options can I use?


  • You can pay with PayPal.




  • If you have any issues write us an email. We will contact you as soon as possible (our email is

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