PinkyBlue Serum

Turn your xFer Serum Plugin into a real eyecatcher with this colorful classic! This theme is designed for all musical visionaries and auditory explores.


What operating systems are the LVMG ONE Serum Themes compatible with?


  • Mac and Windows


How can you install the LVMG ONE Serum Skins?


  • Mac / Windows
  1. Download and unzip your new Serum Skin
  2. Open Serum and click on the menu button. Now choose "Show Serum Presets folder"
  3. Your Windows Explorer/Mac Finder should open
  4. Navigate to Skins (This is where all your installed skins are located)
  5. Drag and Drop the LVMG ONE - PinkyBlue folder from the previously downloaded .zip-file
  6. Now go back to your open Serum window and click again on the menu button
  7. Choose "Rescan folders on disk"
  8. Now click on the Serum Logo -> Skins and choose your brand new LVMG ONE Serum Skin. Enjoy!


What payment options can I use?


  • You can conveniently pay with PayPal




  • If you have any issues write us an email at . We will contact you as soon as possible