KingsBeige Serum

Looking for focus and effectiveness in your workspace? This elegant and clean Xfer Serum skin will put you in the flow of absolute concentration.

xFer Serum Skin KingsBeige Software Box
xFer Serum Skin KingsBeige
xFer Serum Skin KingsBeige Effects
xFer Serum Skin KingsBeige Matrix


What operating systems are the LVMG ONE Serum Themes compatible with?


  • Mac and Windows


How can you install the LVMG ONE Serum Skins?


  • Mac / Windows
  1. Download and unzip your new Serum Skin
  2. Open Serum and click on the menu button. Now choose "Show Serum Presets folder"
  3. Your Windows Explorer/Mac Finder should open
  4. Navigate to Skins (This is where all your installed skins are located)
  5. Drag and Drop the LVMG ONE - PinkyBlue folder from the previously downloaded .zip-file
  6. Now go back to your open Serum window and click again on the menu button
  7. Choose "Rescan folders on disk"
  8. Now click on the Serum Logo -> Skins and choose your brand new LVMG ONE Serum Skin. Enjoy!


What payment options can I use?


  • You can conveniently pay with PayPal




  • If you have any issues write us an email at . We will contact you as soon as possible