LVMG ONE Midi Chord Pack 2.0

Thise Tool can make the difference.

Create, beautiful, catchy and modern sounding chord progressions like Avicii and Kygo with ease and confidence.

  • You can't find the right chords to a catchy melody or a fantastic vocal.
  • You don't have the piano skills you need
  • or you simply want to create unique and captivating chord progressions?


Then it's time to try out the Midi Chord Pack 2.0. It is a giant, constant evolving midi chord library. Created from producers for producers.


Just drag and drop midi chords and give your masterpieces a unique and catchy feel.

Complete Midi Chord Pack
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Inside the pack you will find all Basic Triads with their Inversions, 7, add9, Sus2, Sus4 and some special chords, all ordered by key.

Look Inside Complete Midi Chord Pack
Look Inside Complete Midi Chord Pack

Midi Chord Pack Download Button


In which DAWs can you use our Midi Chord Pack?


  • In the Chord Pack are [.midi] files. They are compatible with every DAW.


What operating systems is this pack compatible with?

  • Mac and Windows


What payment options can I use?


  • You can pay with PayPal.




  • If you have any issues write us an email. We will contact you as soon as possible (our email is